• Workshop_1)    6.2. by Sissel Tolaas  9:30am-14:30pm

BODY ; a tool of invisible communication

Definition: B.O. (body odour) is the term used for any unpleasant smell associated with a person’s body.

What is going on in the body? Body odour/smell can provide interesting signs of a specific state of mind or of a more serious medical condition. Body odour is a smell produced by a person’s body that many other people find unpleasant.

Most of us are concerned primarily about how we look and less about how we smell. In most cases body odour/smell can be a potentially fatal blow to a person’s social life; it is not currently a welcome addition to one’s portfolio for success. It is this human fear of being excluded that led to the invention of the term body odour as a negative expression. In the 1910s and 1920s, advertisers highlighted people’s discontent with the things around them and with themselves in order to encourage them to buy the advertised products. A group of advertising men used the term B.O. for body odour in a women’s deodorant advertisement for their product, Odo-Ro-No.

Humans do not appreciate the power of a bad smell as much as skunks appreciate theirs. The striped skunk is known in the scientific community as Mephitis Mephitis. Mephitis Mephitis can accurately shoot a narrow stream of yellow fluid, butyl mercaptan, at a threat up to 10 feet away. Even if the skunk misses, which is rare, the musk will cause nausea, gagging and general discomfort. Perhaps the next time you receive unwelcome attention at a party, you should raise your armpits or let out a breath on the unsuspecting predator. I tried it and it worked!!! Most people try to do quite the opposite and buy expensive perfumes to mask smells and create a “sensual” smell that will attract the opposite sex. They spend a lot of money on perfumes; they do not realize that the fluid that skunks emit is used commercially as a base for perfumes because of its clinging nature. This makes me wonder whether it is only by having a so-called bad smell that we can get a good smell.

The workshop focuses on play with smell molecules as a system for communication.          



  • Workshop_2) 13.2. by Stelarc 10am-14pm


The body is increasingly expected to perform in Mixed Realities. Sometimes as a biological body, sometimes accelerated and amplified by its machines and also having to manage data streams in virtual systems. The body is a chimera, a construct of meat, metal and code. The class will explore the possibilities of diverse bodily constructs and how they generate extended operational and awareness possibilities. By probing both the visual and theoretical implications of Performance Art, Butoh dance, Insect and Animal Architectures, Robotics, Artificial Life and Second Life tentative resemblances, references and ruptures will be examined and elaborated.

Stelarc is an Australian artist who lived in Japan for 19 years. He has performed with a THIRD HAND, STOMACH SCULPTURE and EXOSKELETON, a 6-legged robot. FRACTAL FLESH remotely actuates the body with electrical stimulation. PROSTHETIC HEAD is an embodied conversational agent that speaks to the person who interrogates it. EAR ON ARM is a surgical and cell-grown construct that will be internet-enabled, for people in other places.  Recent publications include STELARC: THE MONOGRAPH, Edited by Marqand Smith, Forward by William Gibson (MIT Press 2005). He is Chair in Performance Art, Brunel University West London and Senior Research Fellow at MARCS  Auditory Labs, University of Western Sydney. In 2010 he was awarded the Ars Electronica Hybrid Arts Prize. Stelarc’s artwork is represented by SCOTT LIVESEY GALLERIES, Melbourne.

Website- www.stelarc.org 

Second Life- http://goo.gl/GsJBA