Now on video! Unfixing Biology; Rethinking Mortality by Natasha Vita-More

“Wei Po-yang called his students together and said,
‘I think I have succeeded in making the pill of immortality,
but before we take it, we should test it on the dog'” (Mantak).

The palatability of human enhancement may be in its therapeutic aim to heal the sick, mend the injured, and append the lame. Outside these valuable qualities, the extent of enhancement can also seek to regenerate degenerating cells, implement methods for increasing cognition, design sensory systems for a broadening array of perceptual experiences, and to draft, model and implement prototypes for alternative whole body systems. The crux of human enhancement is to integrate with emerging and speculative technologies in order to change the terms of death. In sort, the human, is unfixing its biology and rethinking its mortality.

Yet there is a tension: How can we be both human and otherwise—a transhuman, a concept that is linked to morphological freedom and substrate-independent minds (uploads).

This talk turns to the issue of human enhancement, its origination, and the topic of therapeutic vs. selective enhancement, highlighting trepidation of the species-typical division, and marks out the tools of artistic, design-based approaches that seek to extend life and expanding persons beyond biology (and protect the dog).

Natasha Vita-More
PhD Researcher, Planetary Collegium, University of Plymouth
Director H+ Lab for Transhumanist Approaches to Artistic, Design-Based Enhancement
Chairman, Humanity+

Video: Natasha Vita-More : Unfixing Biology; Rethinking Mortality

Natasha Vita-More discussing with Auger & Loizeau


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