Sissel Tolaas

Sissel Tolaas has concentrated her work on the topic of SMELL / SMELL & LANGUAGE – COMMUNICATON since 1990, within different sciences, fields of art and disciplines. Work has involved numerous companies and institutions i.e. Cartier; Louis Vuitton: E. Lauder ;BBC Imagineering, London; Sony Computer Science Lab; BMG SONY; Swissotel Worldwide; Mercedes Future Lab; Rockefeller Foundation; Liverpool University; Oslo University; Moscow University; Bangalore High tech Park; Oxford University; MIT Boston; Harvard University; The Boston Consulting Group; BayersSchering Inc.; San Francisco Neurosciences Institute, SF ; Humboldt University Berlin.

Sissel Tolaas has exhibited in major international contexts, such as Biennials, museums and other professional institutions. Active participation in international colloquiums, conferences and networks. Advisor/consultant to: BBC Imagineering, London; Sony Computer Science Lab, Paris; IFF Inc. New York; MARS, ZH Suisse; IntelligentFastFood Inc., Salzburg/Vienna; Statoil New Energy Program, Norway; Charité Humboldt University Hospital, Berlin; Max Planck Institute, Berlin.

She established the research lab IFF re_searchLab Berlin for smell & communication in Berlin in January 2004, which is supported by IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances Inc., New York).

Sissel Tolaas at Aalto Media Factory Feb 2012

workshop on smell molecules with Sissel Tolaas



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