Lecture series on DESIGN / ART / SCIENCE: HUMAN DESIGN or EVOLUTION? located at Aalto University in Helsinki January 23rd -February 13th 2012.

The theme of the lecture series  focuses on “human design”, which is discussed through art & design in relation to topics such as human enhancement, genetic engineering, neuro- and cognitive science, wearable technology, prosthesis, molecular design, synthetic biology, among others. The 9 speakers are recognized voices in their respective fields of the arts, design and sciences.

The lecture series is directed to students, staff and it is open for interested public. Each lecture evenings will host two lectures, each approximately 35-45 minutes. The dates for the  lectures are the following: Monday January 23rd 17-19 pm, Monday January 30th 17-19 pm, Monday February 6th 17-19 pm and Monday February 13th 17-19 pm.


On Aalto University:  In 2010 Aalto University became the newly established merger of three separate Finnish universities: The Helsinki School of Economics, The University of Art & Design Helsinki, and Helsinki University of Technology. Aalto University’s new direction is formidably future-oriented and endorses a robust multi-disciplinary education and research curricula. It also builds upon its 300-year-history of the highly regarded universities from which it has merged. Aalto University’s ambitious goal is to be one of the world’s leading institutions in terms of research and education within its own specialized disciplines. http://www.aalto.fi/en/


On Design: Of significance to the “HUMAN DESIGN or EVOLUTION?” lecture series, which is organized within the School of Art and Design, is that the field of design is one of the key-areas of scholarship at Aalto University, in which the School of Art and Design provide the highest quality of education in Finland.

Helsinki will be the World Design Capital during the next year 2012. This lecture-series is, on its part, responding to the thematic of the design-year but from a more radical angle, that of “design for a human”.

The official World Design Capital (WDC) 2012 :  http://wdchelsinki2012.fi/en
Alternative Design Capital (ADC) 2012  :  http://adc2012.org/


On Media Factory: Aalto Media Factory is a developing open network of researchers, teachers, students collaborative partners at Aalto University. Its  activities cover the entire materials and communication chain from raw material to message production, formation and reception. Its focus areas are, for instance, the media behavior of the future, the media industry and the role of media in society. Media Factory invites proposals to become involved in the factory’s operations, to develop multidisciplinary research and studies around the common theme of media along with various stakeholders from the media industry and the public sector. http://mediafactory.aalto.fi/


The lecture series is curated, organized and produced by Laura Beloff. It is a collaboration between Department of Design / Textile, Department of Art and Aalto Media Factory. The series is funded by Aalto Media Factory, Aalto University – School of Art and Design, Helsinki.

Partners: Professor Pirjo Kääriäinen /Department of Design / Textile and Professor Helena Sederholm / Department of Art.


Questions, inquiries, etc: laura.beloff(X)aalto.fi